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Added AR animal models to Google app


Many announcements were made at Google’s I / O 2019 developer conference last month. One of the notable among these announcements was the three-dimensional search results feature. Now you can try this feature for animals. Three-dimensional animal models come to your home with augmented reality.

Available on AR supported phones

Unfortunately, the new feature cannot be used by anyone. First you need to have a phone with augmented reality feature. Although there is no official description yet, you can probably use this feature if your device is listed in the ARCore supported phones list. All you have to do is to make calls like goat, angler fish, bear, emperor penguin, lion, tiger through the Google search app.

Within the results you will see a calling card that contains three-dimensional models of animals. If you want to open your camera you can examine the animals with augmented reality. You can adjust the size of each animal as you like. There are also different sounds and animations.

9to5Google, according to information obtained from companies such as NASA, Samsung and Volvo three-dimensional modeling is being worked on. In short, we will have a chance to see many three-dimensional models in Google search results recently. You can review the new feature in the following Twitter posts.


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