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According to the leaked documents will come to Windows 10X laptops


Windows 10, the new dual-screen foldable devices, and the operating system to be used in such devices Windows 10X, according to leaked documents will come to laptops.

According to the leaked documents will come to Windows 10X laptops

According to the interior design report released by Microsoft yesterday “accidentally Windows, the Windows 10X operating system will be adapted not only to Surface Neo hardware, but also to traditional laptops. The document was first identified by WalkingCat and was soon removed from the page.

Windows 10X, which has been officially verified to work only on folding dual-display devices, has adjustments to the start menu and toolbar. These changes will also occur in standard laptop designs with covers, as described in the document. These changes can be modified during software adaptation.

With Windows 10X, the start menu is now called the initiator and centralizes local search. It is much easier to compare this menu to the applications screen on smartphones, since the most recently used applications, the most used or the most recently accessed files are located here. The search bar is not only local, but can also be used to search the Internet.

Another experience developing with Windows 10X is the Windows Hello verification experience. When the screen is turned on, the 10X does not need to be dragged up once, just like Windows 10. When face recognition is successful or if the password is entered correctly, the operating system you are directly teleported to the home page has these types of arrangements for practical use.

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