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A YouTuber played the PlayStation 5 by mirroring it to Gameboy


One YouTuber managed to project the screen of the PlayStation 5 onto Gameboy. Using two different video signal converters to do this, YouTuber was able to achieve his goal. But the converters used for these operations were not cheap at all.

Sony and Microsoft have dramatically changed the scope of the video game industry with the next generation of game consoles. With these consoles, 4K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rates are now a standard. But Elliot, the creators of a YouTube channel called” The Retro Future, ” will not be very happy with this situation, and he has done something crazy. The YouTuber attempted to play the PlayStation 5 on Gameboy.

Projecting the PlayStation 5’s screen onto a Gameboy wasn’t an easy thing to do. After all, a GameBoy can’t even offer HD resolution under normal conditions. Being very determined to overcome these challenges, YouTuber overcame these challenges by using several converters. But these converter devices were quite expensive products.

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A YouTuber played the PlayStation 5 by mirroring it to Gameboy

The YouTuber had to get a digital/analog converter first and foremost to turn the PlayStation 5 into a Gameboy. Because the PlayStation 5’s Digital HD signals are not directly reflected on Gameboy. YouTuber, who received one “HDMI-AV” converter for this, could not solve all the problems with this apparatus. So much so that if you want to transfer a PlayStation 5 screen to Gameboy, you need a second converter. This adapter, called” Mayflash”, allows GameBoy to recognize a video that has become AV signals.

The supply of the necessary apparatus did not ensure that YouTuber achieved its purpose. So much so that this YouTuber had to go into the settings on the PlayStation 5 interface and turn off the “HDCP” option. The YouTuber, who also did this, was able to play the screen of the PlayStation 5 via Gameboys. But the keys on the Gameboys were not available. So even though the YouTuber projected the PlayStation 5 into a product with keys on it, it still had to use DualSense. But despite these, the idea is quite crazy and so successful…

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