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A Website That Increases The Resolution Of Your Poor Quality Photos For Free


We’d better get used to the terms machine learning and artificial intelligence now, because leading companies like Google and Apple have begun to invest heavily in these areas and reap the fruits. Machine learning-based software, which is now starting to give significant results in image processing technologies, has come across several advanced examples in recent months.

But almost all of these examples were software that we could theoretically get information from and experience. Because the vast majority of them are developed by scientists, and they are not open to the use of the consumer. As a matter of fact, we now have software that will process images with low resolution and poor quality pixels and make them high resolution.

A Website That Increases The Resolution Of Your Poor Quality Photos For Free

In the example picture that you will see above, the frosted pixels attract attention. But in subsequent paintings, these icings are replaced by fine details. The software is quite simplified depending on the interface of the site. Just drag and drop the selected image to the page. Then you have to start the process and wait a few minutes.

As a result, in 2 different filter versions, the size of the image increases many times and times. (The size of the image I personally tried was 48.8 Kb, while the size of the image I obtained as a result was 4.56 MB.)

After Boring, Magic filters, there is another filter called Anti-jpg, but this filter is just the format of the image .JPG from .He’s turning it into PNG. I think they’re programmers .JPG / people with an allergy to the extension. Anyway 🙂

Just click here to try a project called Let’s Enhance and turn your low-resolution images into a masterpiece.

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