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A Mysterious Nokia Model Revealed with a 48 MP Triple Camera System

A Mysterious Nokia Model Revealed with a 48 MP Triple Camera System

The images that appeared in China’s social media Baidu show Nokia’s new phone with a 48 MP sensor. This device, codenamed Daredevil, stands out with its camera design.

When Nokia unveiled the Nokia 9 PureView with its unique camera arrangement, people thought that nothing could be done anymore, but apparently the technology giant again surprised. According to an image that appeared on Chinese social media, Nokia designed a new phone with three cameras placed behind a circular module.

The device does not yet have an official name, but the nickname for this device may be Nokia Daredevil. We also learn that according to the photo, the main camera module has a 48 MP sensor.

The front part of the phone with a notched screen, will come with a pure Android version. These images appear at Baidu show that the camera interface is almost the same as the previous models, but the ability to choose between a wide angle camera and a normal angle camera is added. At the bottom is a USB-C port, and on the left is a button assigned to Google Now.

The Nokia Daredevil will probably be a mid-range device. The device may come with a Snapdragon 710 or Snapdragon 730 chipset. The leak is just visuals and doesn’t show any features at the moment, but considering that it’s a finished and working phone, we don’t expect much to see it.


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