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A green screen problem appeared on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

A green screen problem appeared on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung introduced products that concern consumers on August 5. Two of the devices presented at this event arose due to a problem that has arisen today. Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra models faced a green screen problem.

The issue for Galaxy Tab S7 and Note 20 Ultra has nothing to do with the AMOLED display

After this problem with the display, they came to the conclusion whether this problem was caused by the AMOLED display. We cannot say that this problem is caused by AMOLED technology. This problem has been noticed in other brands, such as Apple, Google, OnePlus and various screen technologies. In addition, the Galaxy Tab S7 has an LCD panel, which is another indicator for this.

Problems with the ultra-green screen Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Note 20; when users reduce the brightness of the screen to a certain level. The phone is turning pale green. The source of the problem is currently unknown.

This problem: We previously met with the Samsung Galaxy S20 family, and this problem was noticed in the Exynos phone version. In the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, this problem is visible in the version with the Snapdragon processor. So far, no explanation from Samsung. However, it is believed that the problem can be resolved using updates for publishing.

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