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A good bad news for the Galaxy S11 screen

A good bad news for the Galaxy S11 screen

While Samsung doesn’t like to go for a radical design change on its flagships, the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 have dramatically narrowed the screen frames. The Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 models are more subtle frames.

Samsung’s improvements in each new model, expected to be introduced in February increased expectations from the Galaxy S11. However, the Galaxy S11 may cause some users frustration in terms of design.

Galaxy S11 screen will not follow today’s trends

Of course, Samsung’s new flagship will host a high-end design. However, according to the information shared by Ice Universe, the waterfall screen design we see in Mate 30 Pro will not be included.

The frames will be thinner than the Note 10, but it will carry similarities. Samsung has developed its own solutions against the trends, instead of the screen notch flagship screen design has perforated.

Frames will be thinner compared to Galaxy Note 10

In this way, it is aimed to achieve a balance between functionality and design. The technology giant who does not intend to use a pop-up camera on flagships is expected to use a more perforated screen design for at least a year.

Finally, to illustrate the waterfall display design, you can think of it as an extended version of the curvature on Samsung’s Edge models. Of course, this screen design is used to say goodbye to the physical keys on the side.

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