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A feature of PlayStation 5 will not be used for now!

A feature of PlayStation 5 will not be used for now!

PlayStation 5 will not be able to meet SSD support for now

It has been reported that the PlayStation 5, which is reported to be released in many countries on November 12, 2020, will not be equipped with the related feature that increases the size of the storage area for now. Sony has announced that this feature will be added later.

This announcement is actually not a surprise. Because the Japanese firm, which has clearly stated its attitude on this issue since last March, thinks that the second SSD named M.2 SSD with 825 GB SSD unit will be sufficient for games.

The M.2 SSD, which is said to accompany the SSD operated with 5.500 MB / second, will not be used for now. It is said that this second slot will be activated by a software update after compatibility tests.

Xboz Series X and Series S duo has a feature called SSD expansion. We will see together whether the SSD (825 GB) that Sony runs with PCIe Gen4 will be sufficient. What kind of a consequence do you think the second SSD slot will not be available on PlayStation 5 for now?

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