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A Designer Has Shared An Exclusive PlayStation 5 Design He Painted With His Own Hands


Sony has yet to offer a customization package for the PlayStation 5’s removable panels. This could not stop a French artist from making his own customisation.

In life, it is sometimes necessary to appreciate something, to give its due. One of those things is the PlayStation 5 console, designed and hand painted by Oskunk, a Twitter user who describes himself as a French Pop Art Artist.

The first striking point in this design is that Sony’s new console features the first flagship games and the iconic key combination of the console. Productions that found a place for itself were God of War, Days Gone, The Last of Us: Part II and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

PlayStation 5’s will be full of modification

A Designer Has Shared An Exclusive PlayStation 5 Design He Painted With His Own Hands

Before the console was released, Sony had stated that the side panels of the PlayStation 5 were removable. This means that the panels can be replaced with different designs. As a matter of fact, it is only a matter of time before a Sunday is formed in this area.

This design seems to be a work that sets the bar high for personalized panels that will come later. In the future, other artists will definitely do similar work.

Fully removable / replaceable panels also offer different alternatives to resourceful users. For example, we can see 3D printed PlayStation 5 panels covered with drawings of your favorite games, or with different designs made of appropriate material.

The colors of the buttons found their place in the design

Another detail in the artist’s design was the transfer of symbols on the game keys. In the new console, the key colors that we can not see returned in the design, while in the writing, they were also included in what actions we use these keys for in games in general. In addition, the DualSense control also received its share of the design.

The PlayStation 5 was available worldwide as of November 19. What do you think of the French artist’s design? If you were to design, what games would you prefer to include? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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