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A completely different design for the Xiaomi foldable phone

A completely different design for the Xiaomi foldable phone

Xiaomi has entered into a different development for the foldable phone model. According to the patent images, the company will bring the model with a different appearance than the previously released smart phone models to the users. In addition to the models that were previously folded vertically and horizontally, the triple folding mechanism will be positioned in the model.

Previously, the company managed to attract the attention of users with a foldable model called Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Xiaomi also does not want to be left behind in this new system developed by Samsung and Huawei.

Xiaomi foldable phone patent drew attention

It is stated in the new documents that the foldable model can be in the “Z” shape. Since there is Z here, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may come to mind. However, there is a big difference between the two models. Because according to the patent, the model will be triple foldable.

Thus, the Xiaomi foldable phone model will really be able to take the shape of the letter “Z”. However, there is a few information about the features of the model. According to this information, the model will have a fingerprint reader on the side. There will also be a USB Type C port for charging.

The triple structure of the model will provide a wide range of use in its unfolded form. It is even reported that the model may be in tablet size.

There are also some estimates about the structure of the model. According to estimates, the model will not be slim. It is seen that Xiaomi is doing important studies for foldable models that are increasing in popularity.

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