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99 percent of iOS applications include hidden viewers


Personal data from users today is particularly important in advertising. Therefore, one of the most important issues of companies is to keep as much user data as possible. This is also the easiest way to implement.

We use countless times in countless applications in daily life. This makes statistics developers integrate various codes that will follow users to applications. While some of these are known, most of them work in secret.

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, 99 percent of iOS apps contain hidden viewers, which send your information even if you’re not a member, especially Facebook.

The research actually began when a journalist discovered that the application called Curious World sent many data about her child to Facebook. Moreover, Facebook does not allow children under the age of 13 to collect data.

After a two-man team, he took a look at 80 known practices and discovered secret viewers in 79 of them. These viewers are secretly sending data to many platforms such as Facebook and Google. It has been determined that there are 4 audiences in each application. In the Curious World application, there were 7 viewers and 13 viewers in Sephora.

These viewers are even collecting search behavior. In the contracts of applications, it is stated that personal data is collected in order to improve the customer experience. In fact, this kind of personal data in applications that offer paid versions of the collection of such data is not very strange. It is also emphasized that the same collection system continues in paid versions. So if you pay money, you can’t get away with it.

At the WWDC 2019 conference, which will start today, Apple will take some serious steps in data collection. Data collection especially for children the codes will be restricted.

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