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8Chan site removed from Cloudflare platform


The El Paso attacker’s hate speech over the 8Chan site and the fact that the site allows such formations attracts great reaction from the internet community.

8Chan site removed from Cloudflare platform

After the El Paso attack, which resulted in the deaths of 20 people last weekend, the internet world was active again. The racist attacker’s hate speech over the internet led to questioning the freedom of the internet.

Criticism on the rise

The attacker’s statement that he supported the manifesto through attacks on Islamic centers in New Zealand on the 8Chan platform increased the criticism of the platform. A blow to the 8Chan site, accused of helping users spread hate speech, came from the Cloudflare platform.

The popular Cloudflare platform, which protects websites from DDoS attacks by taking special protection shields, announced that they have removed the 8Chan site from the system. So 8Chan will become vulnerable to DDoS attacks if it doesn’t find a new system.

Platform boss Matthew Prince, on the internet, but at least 8Chan hate speech on the front of the system can not intercept the front side said they want to show that they are located. The founder of 8Chan thanked Cloudflare for their decision and expressed their wish to end this nightmare as soon as possible.

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