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5 New Features for Twitter


Social media giants continue to work hard to increase the number of users and to optimize their platforms. Among these giants, Twitter is preparing to include new features in its platform.

As one of the leading social media platforms that occupy us the most in the internet environment where we spend most of today, Twitter has millions of active users.

In order to optimize the experience of its users using the Twitter platform, Twitter is not only adding new features to it. Here are the innovations coming to the platform.

Silence notifications:

Notices from people we follow when we want to be disturbed or our friends tagging us as @accountname can be really annoying in some cases. On the other hand, Twitter is being aware of this and testing a feature that can temporarily silence Twitter notifications. This feature; 1-hour, 3-hour and 12-hour silent options are available to the user.

Follow topics:

Social media giant Twitter is also testing a feature that allows its users to follow developments related to the specific topics they choose. With this feature, even if you don’t follow a person, you’ll be able to see their tweets thanks to their relevance. Twitter improves this feature with machine learning technology.

Receive notifications for tweets:

You will now be able to follow shared tweets privately. You’ll be notified instantly if an improvement occurs with the tweet you’re following. Thanks to this feature of Twitter, it is possible to be aware of even the smallest events. Twitter allows users to choose which importance level tweets will be notified of.

Search in messages:

Another feature that users complained about was the inability to search within messages. Finding the desired conversation in the message box, which can sometimes find 3 or even 4 digit numbers, can be quite crucial. The new feature, which is currently under test, allows users to search the message box by profile name. In this way, the desired conversation can be reached in a much shorter time.

Live Photos support (Apple):

Live Photos, a specially developed type of photo shooting that Apple has developed, allows the emergence of beautiful repeating images. However, uploading these photos to Twitter was no different than an ordinary still photo. Twitter will now become a platform that supports Apple’s Live Photo.

In this article, we have shared with you the new features that Twitter plans to include in its platform. Stay tuned to get the latest information about social media platforms as soon as possible.


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