5 known features about iPhone 12 Mini

5 known features about iPhone 12 Mini

Apple announced the introduction date of the highly anticipated iPhone 12 family yesterday. 5 days before the Apple Event to be held on October 13, we have collected some of the currently known features of the iPhone 12 Mini model, whose name and features are often mentioned in leaks. Here are 5 features we know about iPhone 12 mini.

5 known features about iPhone 12 Mini

Apple’s web site, promotional events of October 13, 2020 with the iPhone 12 hours a day to Turkey 20: 00 was announced to begin. Apple seems to be able to introduce AirTag, which has been spoken for a long time, besides the iPhone 12 at this event. The rings in the event image are AirTag, and the phrase “Hi, speed” is interpreted as 5G supported iPhone 12 harbinger.

While 3 different iPhone 12 models were leaked, we took a closer look at 5 known features of the iPhone 12 Mini, which appears to be the smallest version of the iPhone 12.

Display Technology

The iPhone 12‌ mini is expected to feature a flexible OLED display with Y-OCTA integrated for richer colors and more true blacks than the LCD.

However, the display of the “iPhone 12” mini is expected to have some minor drawbacks. It has been reported that the iPhone 12‌ Pro and ‌Phone 12‌ Pro Max will feature 10-bit color and XDR grading for more vivid, lifelike colors, as well as richer color gradations.

Additionally, although there are quite mixed rumors on some iPhone 12‌ models with a 120Hz ProMotion display, the rumors that the iPhone 12‌ mini does not have a 120Hz display are consistent. If the feature appears on the Phone 12‌ series, it is probably reserved for Pro models or even the Pro Max model only.

LiDAR Scanner

The iPhone 12‌ Pro models are said to have a LiDAR Scanner, similar to which was introduced on the iPad Pro earlier this year.

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The LiDAR Scanner on the iPad Pro uses reflected light to measure the distance to surrounding objects up to five meters from the sensor. In this way, it can map the environment around you at the photon level at nanosecond speeds. For the iPhone 12 Tarayıcı Pro rumored LiDAR Scanner will work similarly if not the same. As a smaller and lower-cost Non-Pro model, the “iPhone 12” mini is not expected to have a LiDAR scanner.

Telephoto Lens

Much like the iPhone 11, the “iPhone 12” mini is expected to have two camera lenses on the back; a wide angle and ultra wide angle lens. However, the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini will not have the telephoto lens that makes up the third lens in high-end Pro models.

The high-end 6.7-inch Phone 12‌ Pro Max is said to have image stabilization technology in addition to the ultra-wide angle lens in these devices. Sensor shift technology allows optical image stabilization to be applied to the camera sensor instead of separate lenses. This feature is not expected to come to the “iPhone 12” mini.

The iPhone 12‌ mini can continue to leverage Apple’s new “high end” lenses and improved Smart HDR for better low-light performance.

Battery Capacity

The “iPhone 12” mini, which is the smallest device in the iPhone 12‌ series, is also expected to have the smallest battery. Certifications show that the battery capacity of the “iPhone 12” mini is 2,227 mAh. Apple’s current smallest flagship 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,046 mAh, and the capacity of the “iPhone 12” mini is 819 mAh smaller.

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While the A14 Bionic processor and OLED display are likely to increase energy efficiency, it seems likely that the fundamental limits of battery size in the iPhone 12 mini will result in a smaller overall battery life.

The 6.7-inch iPhone 12‌ Pro Max is expected to have a much larger capacity of 3,687mAh.

5G Connection

Rumors suggest that the Phone 12‌‌ Pro Max will also be the only model with the faster mmWave 5G. The slower but more common form of 5G, sub-6 GHz 5G, is expected to be found in the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini. Only the largest iPhone in the series has internal space to accommodate the antenna design required to implement mmWave right now, along with the larger battery required for higher power handling.

Despite these missing features, the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is expected to feature the latest A14 Bionic processor, an OLED display and a brand new square-shaped design. For users who like to use many small phones, the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is a long-awaited device.

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