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3D display revolution from Sony: Spatial Reality Display

3D display revolution from Sony: Spatial Reality Display

Japanese technology giant Sony introduced its new screen, Spatial Reality Display, which will easily replace 3D TVs.

3D video revolution from Sony: Sony Spatial Reality Display

Spatial Reality Display, a product that we can call the “ultimate” for holographic displays, consists of two 15.6 inch 4K LCD panels. Micro optic and stereoscopic display technology is used on the LCD panel. The screen, which has a camera on the front, can present 3D images without using glasses.

The screen tracks the eyes using the camera, and the processed image is created according to the viewer’s perspective. Sony’s new screen technology, which is very useful, will be available next month.

The device requires minimum Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super graphics card to play 3D images smoothly and without loss. The screen, which will take its place on the shelves in November, will be available for sale at $ 4,999.99. It is unknown whether the screen will be available for sale in our country.

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