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$ 25K Offered for a PlayStation 5 Pre-Order on eBay


A PlayStation 5 pre-order with an auction starting price of $ 800 on eBay received an offer of $ 25,000. There are also many PlayStation 5 auctions currently on eBay with bids of over a thousand dollars.

When the balance of demand and demand for a product is disrupted, the price of the product should rise or decline in the black market. For PlayStation 5, which ended shortly after the launch of the pre-order, the script did not work differently, and many of those who were able to order the pre-order PS5 sold the prefix for eBay without access to it.

Now, when we search for PlayStation 5 on eBay, we can see dozens of pages of PlayStation 5 products “approved for pre-order.” When we study the pages, we see auctions PlayStation 5 with very optimistic starting prices of $600 as well as PlayStation 5 that offer thousands of dollars.

Some PlayStation 5 auctions on eBay

Most PlayStation 5 lists on eBay charge between $ 750 and $ 1000 for the game console, but in an auction with an starting price of $ 800, the PlayStation 5 has reached a price of $ 25,100 after 11 bids. This means that if the auctioned item is actually sold, it will be the most expensive PlayStation 5 in the world.

Although there are many PlayStation 5 auctions on eBay, we can say that most of these auctions will be removed soon. Because, according to eBay policies, in auctions initiated through approved pre-orders, the date on which the product will be sent, as it is a pre-order product, must be notified and the product must be delivered within 30 days after the sale is made.

Considering that the PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12, we can easily say that the PS5 will not be delivered within 30 days after a sale on eBay today.

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