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2 new facial recognition features for Samsung Galaxy S10


The Samsung face recognition lock system protects users’ phones and prevents unwanted hand switching cases. As it is known, Android 10 was released as a beta for the Galaxy S10. Android 10 makes several changes to the user interface, added 2 new features to face recognition protection.

2 new facial recognition features for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung face recognition lock system is now more secure

Galaxy S10 provides security service with the front camera to which the face recognition lock is connected, uses only one person’s face in this software and does not allow other people. In this context, the slightest change you make on your face, the phone can not be opened for security reasons. Because he’s quite good at deception.

Starting from here, Android 10 gives you a second chance and if you have a different image on your face, it will open your phone with that shape. Users can now easily make changes to their faces. All you have to do is to register your new look into the system.

The second feature, which comes via Android 10, makes scanning based on the eyes of the users. Activated to provide additional security, the software recognizes phone owners’ faces only when their eyes are open.

Galaxy S10’s “Settings” tab features in the security menu, not yet completed. The completion of the beta features depends on the feedback that Samsung will give users over a period of time.

How did you find the new version of Samsung face recognition software? One UI 2.0, which solves the problems of users who cannot open their phones even though they use their own face, also prevented the attempts of malicious people. The corresponding software is expected to come to other Galaxy models.

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