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2 iPhone Models End of the Road – They Won’t Get Updates!

2 iPhone Models End of the Road – They Won’t Get Updates!

The biggest advantage of phone phones is that the update is given for a very long time. When the phone is old but the operating system is new, it is as if you have bought a new phone or you do not need to change your phone for a while. For this reason, we say there is an update plus for the iPhone.

But every good thing comes to an end. I wish the phones we bought received updates for life, but there is no company that does this. It seems technically impossible to do. As a result, old iPhone models are regularly moved to the list of not receiving updates. The same decision period has come for the two very popular models.

IOS 14 will be the last update for 2 iPhone models

According to reports shared today, it is the end of the road for some iPhone models. The iOS 14 update will be the last update for the iPhone SE model and iPhone 6s models, which have been updated for almost 5 years.

According to analysts’ shares and new reports, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE will not be supported in the iOS 15 operating system, and the phones will be moved to the old devices list.

When iOS 15 arrives, the smartphones that will die will be iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. This time, the oldest phones that will receive updates will be iPhone 7 models. But on the other hand, it comes to iPhone 7 smartphones.

This is a completely personal guess, but I don’t expect iPhone 7 models to get iOS 16 either. Apple can even speed up its hand in this regard. Many Android companies offer updates for 2 years, that’s all. Those updates are also limited to some of the changes made in the interfaces based on the Android system.

We say again and again, Apple is very successful in this regard, but on the other hand, there is a situation that the new future features do not fit the old phones. In other words, the update support of very old devices must be stopped.

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