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1st generation iPod touch prototype images leaked

1st generation iPod touch prototype images leaked

With the development of smartphones, devices such as iPod and MP3 stood on the dusty shelves of history. 1. The prototype of the iPod touch generation was dropped.

Despite the fact that Hi-Fi music fans continue to use devices such as Walkman, standard users have long stopped using devices such as iPod and MP3.

Unfortunately, it is not known why the prototype, developed in 2007, did not go into production. Unlike the iPod model released in 2013, the Mac Pro does not have a rear view logo.

The model, which appeared outside the time, met with 128 MB of RAM. The model introduced with 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB was liked by many users.

Unfortunately, the technical details of the prototype in the bullion gorsel are unknown. However, it is assumed that the model has the same characteristics as the production model, and differs only in design.

The device, developed just 6 years before the 2013 Mac Pro, attracts attention of a similar design.

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