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16-year-old hacker smashed distance education!

16-year-old hacker smashed distance education!

Students who receive lessons electronically in accordance with Pandemic measures try not to deprive them of education. A 16-year-old hacker living in the United States turned off distance learning servers in all schools for three days.

16-year-old hacker crashes distance education with spyware

A student who does not want to follow distance learning lessons hacked a server, draining spyware on a school server. It appeared in real server records when school administrators noticed errors on servers. Spyware sent to the school server has disabled Internet traffic.

The reason why such a simple attack can be so effective on government servers is vulnerability. He told how he organized the attack after a 16-year-old hacker was detained. According to the student, for this attack, the placement of spyware inside the open-source text editor was enough. A program with a very simple structure does not even require information about cybersecurity.

This spyware called LOYC returns Internet traffic when the server starts on the computer. This allows him to access the computer from outside.

LOYC software previously led to the collapse of large banking organizations such as PayPal and MasterCard. After that, we must remember that we must update the operating system firewall and be skeptics when downloading the program.

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