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117 new emoji prepared for 2020


Unicode Union has prepared a new emoji package to be used this year. The new package of 117 emojis features prominent visuals such as a father with a bottle and a bride with a mustache.

117 new emoji prepared for 2020

The expression of thoughts with facial expressions actually dates back to old times, but with the introduction of mobile phones into our lives, it became widespread. Then, mobile operating systems, standard operating systems, and applications began to quickly adopt facial expressions.

What does Emoji 13 offer?

Facial expressions, which consisted of a colon and a parentheses sign, developed very much in the first period and now they were branched and knotted under different names such as emoji and anomoji. Facial expressions, which also have World Emoji Day, are ready for 2020.

There are now countless categories such as hand signs, fruits, vehicles, buildings rather than just facial expressions. Many voting was held last year for 2020. Along with the winners of these, a total of 117 emojis packages, including newly created emojis, have emerged.

The new emoji package will be released to the developers with the Unicode 13 version. While the mother or father who feeds her baby with a bottle stands out in the new package, the most interesting thing is the male with a mustache wearing a wedding dress.

Starting from the second half of the year, the new emoji package will find itself in operating systems, platforms and applications. Some of these are already in use. The platforms also make improvements on these and prepare their own emojis.


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