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100 million sales target per year from Realme

100 million sales target per year from realme

Realme, which left Oppo 2 years ago, continues to develop both in our country and in other countries. As you know, shortly before this, the opening of the box of models realme 7 and realme X7 Pro was launched.

In particular, the Chinese company operates in 61 countries and continues its prestigious work to continue growth. Lee Binghong, number one, trusts him and his team.

Realme smartphone models will appear in more places

Li Bingzhong is the fastest growing smartphone brand in four quarters. In addition, it is known that the representative of China, who is still 2 years old, ranks seventh in the world in terms of market volume for the last quarter of this year.

Let’s just say this rating concerns the smartphone market. The experienced business suggested that his company exceeded expectations and proved itself. Bingzhong wants to focus on AIoT technology so that artificial intelligence and objects unite.

The manager, who held the position of senior manager at Oppo, said he was very interested in a technology called “objects.” Lee Binghong is also confident in the headphones owned by his firm.

Binghong announced its intention to sell at least 100 million smartphones a year. Realism, striving to become a regional leader in this area, is in a hurry to catch up with competitors.

In reality, especially in 8 places, they want to be marked with the title of regional leader. These are South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, China and Russia.

The technology company, which has recently been on the agenda with the X7 Pro model, is improving the 5G technology that it uses in its phones every day. There is information that he received help from China.

On September 1, 2020, we will meet with the X7 family. We will see what the representative of East Asia will do, who wants to remember users as a “lifestyle.” Finally, we saw how realism has taken important steps for smart TVs and smart watches.

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