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Wanda Nara cheated on his wife with his teammate years ago! Details of the incident revealed

Wanda Nara cheated on his wife with his teammate years ago! Details of the incident revealed

Beautiful model Wanda Nara had a forbidden love affair with her teammate Mauro Icardi when she was married to footballer Maxi Lopez in 2013. Details of Nara’s infidelity, now married to Icardi, have surfaced.

Wanda Nara, the model wife of Argentine football player Mauro Icardi, who made a name for himself in 2020 with his bold poses, was on the agenda again with the deception incident years ago.

Details about the forbidden love of the beautiful model who had a love affair with Mauro Icardi, married to Argentine football player Maxi Lopez, emerged.

Speaking to the British press about his love for Icardi-Wanda Nara, Argentina is probably the country most passionate about football, so when Icardi got together with his national teammate’s wife and took his three children with him, the fans were disgusted and it has caused problems ever since. “He is not loved in the country, but he does not care about it. He continues to showcase his glamorous life. He publishes nude pictures of him in his dressing closet surrounded by designer shoes and bags and traveling on a private jet.

Describing the incident in his autobiography, Icardi said that he first went on a vacation with Wanda in 2013 with Maxi Lopez and 3 children. She stated that the beautiful model invited her to a boat trip, saying, “While I was alone on the second floor of the boat, lying on the sofa and listening to some reggae, Wanda suddenly came and sat next to me without shame. At that time, her relationship with Lopez was ending.”

Inter football player, later said that she had dinner with Wanda Nara and told her, “We have not had sexual intercourse with Maxi for 3 months. Maxi neglected me. Although I am in luxury, I live with a secret pain.”

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