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The president of Bayern Munich is not happy with the decision


Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness made a harsh statement about Leon Goretzka’s goal for Leipzig.

During the 33rd week of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich had a goalless draw with their opponent and left the championship joy next week.

At the 50th minute of the match, Leon Goretzka’s goal for the Leipzig nets was canceled on the grounds of offside after the VAR analysis.

Considering that the decision was incorrect, Hoeness said in a statement. VAR should be used not to make wrong decisions but to correct wrong decisions. If we play football like today, we’ll win the championship and I’ll get a comfortable sleep uz he said.

Bayern Munich, who is in the lead position of his rival Borussia Dortmund two points ahead, will declare his championship in the last week if he is not defeated in the face of Eintracht Frankfurt.


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