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Seventh-time champion Hamilton in Formula 1: This is far beyond our dreams

Seventh-time champion Hamilton in Formula 1: This is far beyond our dreams

Formula 1 Turkey Grand Prix 7. Mercedes-proclaimed champion by winning the Great British driver Lewis Hamilton, said he accomplished something far beyond his dreams.

Speaking at a press conference after the race, Hamilton said he knew it would be a difficult race today.

Noting that they did not experience a great disappointment due to their position in the qualifying tours, Hamilton said, “We knew we were on the right track and we did our best. This is our job as a team. We continue to improve our communication to make forward-looking moves.”

The 35-year-old driver, who said he thought he could not go on the podium at the beginning of the race, said, “But I kept believing and thought that I would gain momentum at some point. It happened so. I remember watching Michael Schumacher win the championships. I have dreamed for such high levels all my life, but it seemed too far away. This is far beyond our dreams. “

Turkey Grand Prix Hamilton then completed in the second Racing Point to the Mexican Sergio Perez, “Ferrari were coming in strongly and we were so close to losing. I also have to keep the tires but we got a great result. We earn points good for the team and that I am very pleased.

The German driver of Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel, who finished the race in the third place, stated that especially the last lap was busy, “It was a bit of a surprise to catch the podium at the end. I am very happy, it was a really enjoyable race.”

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