Ronaldo disgraced the legendary footballers who criticized him on social media

Cristiano Ronaldo disgraced his former teammate Wayne Ronney, who criticized him on a television show, and former Liverpool defender Carragher, on social media, by commenting “The two are jealous”.

Cristiano Ronaldo, whose return to Manchester United made a great impression at the beginning of the season, became the target of criticism arrows in England as the weeks progressed. Criticized by his ex-teammate Wayne Rooney for disrupting the team game, Ronaldo was on the agenda with his comments on social media.

Wayne Rooney, a commentator on a television show, said, “To portray Manchester United, young and success-hungry players must be chosen. This is not Cristiano Ronaldo.” Angered at his words and former Liverpool player Carragher’s statements, “United doesn’t need Ronaldo,” Ronaldo commented on the photo Rooney shared with Carragher, “The two are jealous.” While this comment made a big impact on social media, it received more than 150 thousand likes in a short time.

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