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Matuidi left Juventus


Parting at Juventus. For 3 seasons, Italy signed a new contract with Blaise Matuidi.

Matuidi left Juventus

Surprise at Juventus. The club announced a break with Blaze Matudi. In 2017, in a match against Paris Saint-Germain, he scored his first goal for “.” Matuidi signed a contract with Torino for 20 million euros.

No new agreement was concluded between the parties, and Juventus parted ways with a 33-year-old player. Matuidi decorated the adventures of Juventus with 5 cups.

As part of the national team, he spent 3 championships, 1 Cup and 1 Super Bowl. The name of the French football player is now known to other shoemakers.

In 2018, Blaze Matuidi won the World Cup with the French team.

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