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Liverpool wins, Salah lost


Liverpool championship away from Newcastle United 3-2 seven but lost Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool Premier League 37 week in the championship race, Liverpool, away from the United Kingdom 3-2 defeated, and the match more than re-became the lead. In the 70th minute of the match, Mohamed Salah crashed with a rival goalkeeper. Mohamed Salah, who was injured in his neck, said the injury was serious and could close the season.

At the 13th minute of the match, Liverpool Virgil van Dijk scored a 1-0 lead with a 20-minute Newcastle Christian Atsu. Liverpool 28 star player Mohamed Salah’in took the lead once again and entered the circuit with a 2-1 advantage.

54 minutes to the second half of Jose Salomon Rondon’in score once again equal to the goal of Newcastle, tried to keep the score in the remaining minutes. This season, the championship race with last minute goals in Liverpool, 87’de Origi’nin 3-2 rule with the goal caught. The remaining minutes of the score, which managed to protect the Reds, completed the week without error.

As a result of this increase to the score of 94 Liverpool match increased to the lead, Newcastle was 42 points.

Broadcaster reporters reported that Salah closed the season after his injury. Last season, Real Madrid played in the Champions League Final Salah, Ramos after the hard move, remained in place and injured in the shoulder.

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