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Lewis Hamilton Declared Champion in Istanbul


Lewis Hamilton declared his championship at the Istanbul Grand Prix, which hosted one of the most enjoyable races of the last period. Thus, Hamilton took the 7th championship.

Istanbul Grand Prix is completed in Formula 1. The Istanbul GP, one of the tracks that were later included in the season due to the coronavirus pandemic, gave the audience a high level of pleasure.

Being the leader of the championship with a huge difference, Hamilton got what he wanted in Istanbul, where he came for championship. If Bottas could not get 7 points more than himself, the pilot, who would be the champion, collected the points he wanted to play goodbye.

The summit is once again Lewis Hamilton’s

Lewis Hamilton Declared Champion in Istanbul

Hamilton from the Mercedes team won the first place in the race. Racing Point driver Lance Stroll, who started the race from the pocket first, took the race at the top for a long time, but fell behind with the drying of the track.

Lewis Hamilton, who had 6 championships before, completed the one-stop race at the top and took his 7th championship. Ferrari, one of the teams that could not find what they wanted this year, also managed to take the 3rd and 4th place with Vettel and LeClerc in the race, which started out of the top 10.

Bottas, the other driver of Mercedes, was out of the top 10 by spinning several times and more than 1 lap from his teammate and finished the race without any points. Red Bull pilots, who are in the second place in the brands championship, shared the 6th and 7th places.

3rd place race is heating up

Lewis Hamilton Declared Champion in Istanbul

With the emergence of champions in Formula 1, the middle ranks started to stand out. The teams are very close to each other in the 3rd-6th. In the struggle for the positions between the Italian team, Ferrari, gained a significant advantage with the points it collected in Istanbul.

Formula 1, which came to Istanbul after many years, gave millions of viewers all over the world enjoyable moments. Let’s see if Formula 1 will return to Istanbul next year. Or will we have to wait years again for the next race?

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