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Chelsea wants 140 million euros


It was claimed that Real Madrid signed with Chelsea on the transfer of Eden Hazard. Hazard stressed that he would like to be the champion of the Europa League.

Eden Hazard sounds in Real Madrid …

The Spanish giant seems confident that he will recruit Belgian stars for € 100 million.

Chelsea, the last year of the contract for Hazard, Real Madrid is demanding 140 million euros. Although the difference between the two sides is 40 million euros, the agreement is expected to be provided in a short time.

The Madrid team is expected to officially announce the transfer after the European League Final.

Eden Hazard began to give strong signals for separation.

Hazard emphasized that he wished to be the champion of the Europa League; “It doesn’t matter if I throw a goal. I just want to remove the cup,” he said.

“If I go to my last game in Chelsea, I’d love to give my mug a trophy gift,” said the Belgian star.


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