X-Men surprise from Disney Plus: Wolverine

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X Men surprise from Disney Plus Wolverine

Has Disney Plus taken the first step towards entry into the long-awaited world of X-Men? According to an internal leak, the video content platform is looking to scatter Wolverine from the ashes.

Disney Plus has reached almost half of Netflix subscribers in the content platform race. The platform, which quickly gained great success, is now taking over the world of X-Men. Accordingly, the platform is preparing for the Wolverine series.

Hugh Jackman’s claim for Wolverine

Disney is developing a series focusing on Wolverine’s adventures to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men world together, according to the leak. Wolverine is the oldest known mutant in the X-Men world. The long-lived and almost immortal mutant will appear in every episode of this series in another era of history.

Judging by the leak, each episode of the Disney Plus series will embark on independent adventures. The first sign that this series or the X-Men world will come together with the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in Falcon and Winter Soldier.

X Men surprise from Disney Plus Wolverine 1

Madripoor crime island, an important settlement for X-Men comics, was the subject of an episode of the series. So far, the show has not mentioned an incident involving mutants. However, this reference to the X-Men is likely to be a sign for the Wolverine series.

No further details have yet emerged about the new Disney Plus series. However, there is also talk backstage that wolverine’s character could appear as a guest on Marvel films and series. The biggest expectation for fans is that Wolverine will appear in the movie Deadpool, which is a friend of the comics.

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For the Wolverine series by Disney Plus, it’s not yet clear who will take on the difficult role. However, Hugh Jackman is the only actor who can play Wolverine for X-Men fans.

Hugh Jackman, who plays the character, had previously sadly said goodbye to Wolverine. However, judging by the allegations, the actor, who identifies with the character, wonders what kind of Wolverine character Marvel has created. As a result of this curiosity, time will tell if we can see Jackman with his claws again.

Wolverine character and traits

Wolverine, who has forgotten for a long time that he has lived, has animal feelings and reflexes and self-healing properties. In this way, all the wounds he received were easily healed and the skeleton of the character became covered with Adamantium metal after a military experiment. Wolverine became almost immortal thanks to this indefensible metal of the Marvel world.

According to Marvel comics, the fictional character’s story began in the 19th century on Canadian soil. Wolverine joined the first world war on behalf of Canada. The mutant fought with Captain America in the second world war. The CIA, on the other hand, uploaded false memories to the brain of the mutant it captured after the war. These false memories are the reason wolverine’s character keeps searching for his past.

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