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WandaVision series will not be postponed

WandaVision series will not be postponed

The WandaVision series, which Disney previously announced to air in December 2020 will not be postponed. Here are the details of the topic.

Disney +, which was already one of Netflix’s main competitors, has not yet received the expected series. Most of them are Marvel subscribers. Many Marvel series have been announced. The main feature of these series is that they are directly related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If the coronavirus epidemic had spread around the world, some Marvel series would have already begun to appear. But due to the outbreak of an epidemic around the world, as in many TV shows, during the filming of the Marvel series.

WandaVision series will air in December

Due to these failures, Disney had to postpone one one of the most interesting series – Falcon and Winter Soldier. It was assumed that the WantaVision would be postponed due to the postponement of this series.

However, it was clear that the WanaVision would not be postponed, but new content published by Disney. Disney announced a series that will be broadcast on Disney + until the end of this year. Among them is a WangVision that will directly affect the Marvel cinematic universe.

As you know, he was among the characters who died in Vision Endgame. Therefore, the question of how Vision will enter the universe again. Perhaps Wanda will focus on the possibilities of creating reality.

The series will be directly related to Dr. Strange’s new film, which will be released next year. Because Scarlett Witch will star in this film.

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