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Top 10 Foreign TV Series Ever

Top 10 Foreign TV Series Ever

Let us examine together the list of the 10 best foreign series that have been marked by their subject, plot, fiction and immersive stories.


We see this detective, Sherlock Holmes, as the contemporary television series, illuminating complex murders that seem difficult to solve by superior observation and irrational methods created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This detective series, which literally drags the audience after, broadcasts a season every year and broadcasts 3-4 episodes every season.


Murder, revenge and crime in this long-lasting series of blood and savagery if you are not resistant to seeing is not really for you. Describing the extraordinary story of a crime scene detective who punishes those who have not been punished for the crime he committed, he deserves to be among the 10 best foreigners ever.

Black Mirror

This series of technologies that broadly broaden the horizon of human beings, addressing different problems in a striking and sarcastic way, can completely change your perspective on the future of humanity. There should be a privilege to watch this series without episode integrity between the episodes and the season you want.

Peaky Blinders

After the First World War, the thriller of Peaky Blinders, a gang of gangs that began to rise as a gang, was seemingly meaningless at first, but in the following chapters it was one of the series that satisfies the audience with both character traits and amazing action-packed scenes. is located.

Dr. House

This award-winning series of 177 episodes, which treats patients with inferences on the spot when medicine is helpless, tells the story of a troubled doctor and his team.

La Casa De Papel

You may need to hold your breath as you watch the cleverly planned robbery of this team prepared for a long time.

Breaking Bad

A high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, the character of lung cancer as a result of the capture of the old student with drugs produced and sold in the process of this series about what happened to them in a sitting season, you can end up sitting in a season.

The Walking Dead

The main logic of the series, adapted from a comic book, is the adventurous stories of a group of people who have isolated themselves from outbreaks of zombies and are trying to survive with the means at their disposal.

Prison Break

This series, which is about a young man who tries to save his brother from the prison by making a plan full of intelligence after his brother’s unjustly falling into prison, can tie you to your seat and take you captive.

Mr. Robot

In the day, cyber security expert, Elliot, who lives as a ruthless hacker at night, takes the interesting life that is integrated with the concept of hacker, and will at least change your perspective on the computer and internet.

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