Three new Game of Thrones projects revealed: Here are the topics

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Three new Game of Thrones projects that HBO Max is currently working on have emerged. You can find details about potential new series below.

Three new Game of Thrones projects revealed Here are the topics

The HBO Max platform looks set to be filled with Game of Thrones series in the coming years. According to Deadline, work has already begun on three more series in preparation for the previously announced two series. The three projects, currently in early development, are based on the stories of 9 Voyages (Sea Snake), Flea Bottom and Ten Thousand Ships.

Deadline reports that HBO Max is now making a lot of progress, especially on the 9 Voyages project. Bruno Heller, a screenwriter we know from shows like The Mentalist and Gotham, is reportedly working on the 9 Voyages project. Flea Bottom and Ten Thousand Ships projects are said to be in the process of being discussed, and HBO Max has not yet started working with a writer for them.

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The 9 Voyages series tells the story of Corlys Velaryon’s naval adventures on his ship Sea Snake. Popular locations in the Velarion, Song of Ice and Fire universe have gone on adventures in regions such as Pentos, Dragonstone Lys, Tyrosh and Myr, and yi ti and leng gib have managed to reach mysterious regions that are only in fairy tales.

Three new Game of Thrones projects revealed Here are the topics 1

Flea Bottom, another project that HBO Max is working on, actually tells a story we know from Game of Thrones. Flea Bottom, which gave the series its name, was, as you may recall, the poorest area of King’s Landing. We know that some characters like Ser Davos Seaworth and Gendry grew up in Flea Bottom. We also saw episodes of the show in which Arya Stark was hiding in Flea Bottom.

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Finally, the Ten Thousand Ships project focuses on the warrior queen, Princess Nymeria. Set nearly 1,000 years before Game of Thrones, we read about the journey of the rhoynar people from Essos to Dorne, who lost to Valyria in battle. The name Nymeria that Arya Stark gave her wolf came from Princess Nymeria.

HBO Max is currently working on at least six GoT projects

Only House of the Dragon has been officially announced on HBO Max at this time. Although no official announcement has been made, we know that Tales of Dunk & Egg has also progressed a long way in development. Along with these two live-action series, an animated series is being worked on. So with the series mentioned in our news, HBO Max is currently working on at least six different Game of Thrones projects (two of which are just in the idea stage).

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