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The Witcher Series First Trailer Released

The Witcher Series First Trailer Released

The Witcher’s first trailer for Netflix’s fantastic series, Comic-Con, was aired in San Diego. The published trailer does not contain information about the release date of the series.

Just as the Lord of the Rings paved the way for fantasy films in the world of film, Game of Thrones was a production that opened the door to fantastic budgetary work in the series world. Adapted from George R. R. Martin’s book, the first big-budget productions to enter the door will be The Witcher.

In The Witcher, which will show up at Netflix late last year, we learned that Geralt was played by Henry Cavill, whom we also know from Superman. After nearly half a year, the first trailer for the series was released as part of Comic-Con.

There is no clear date for when the production, which is eagerly awaited by fans, will be made available to the audience. In the published video, while we were looking at some characters, we saw the monsters that Geralt would encounter. Although we only have a trailer from Netflix’s official account, the Comic-Con participants in San Diego were also able to watch different footage.

How did you find the published trailer? What are your expectations from the show? Do you think The Witcher can reach big audiences like Game of Thrones and drag millions of people after him? You can share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments section.


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