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The Resident Evil series is coming to Netflix!

The Resident Evil series is coming to Netflix!

Resident Evil Village, the new game in the Resident Evil series, which is popular among zombie and horror-themed games, will be available next year. People who were waiting for the new game with curiosity were excited with a series announced to be broadcast on Netflix. The Resident Evil series is coming to Netflix.

The Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is coming to Netflix!

The series, announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 event, will be broadcast in 2021 for horror lovers. It should also be noted that the series will be in CGI, that is, animation style. The statement about the series was made as a result of a leak from Netflix Portugal. Netflix deleted the video in a short time after accidentally publishing the trailer of the Portuguese series.

There is not much information about the series at the moment, but the series will have eight episodes, and Andrew Dabb and Bronwen Hughes, who we know from the Supernatural series, will also be on the series. The expected series will be broadcast in 2021.

Village will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5 and PC platforms in 2021.

What do you think about the new series? You can share your ideas and expectations with us in the comments section.

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