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The date has been announced for the Dexter 9th season!

The date has been announced for the Dexter 9th season!

The famous serial killer series Dexter is meeting with the audience again after 7 years after the 8th season finale, which aired on September 22, 2013. The producer of the series gave good news for the audience.

Dexter returns after 7 years

There is good news for the viewers of the Showtime serial killer drama series Dexter. The producer of the series, Showtime, announced yesterday that the Dexter series, led by Michael C. Hall, will appear again with the 9th season of 10 episodes in the fall of 2021.

“Dexter is a very special show with millions of fans as well as for Showtime,” Showtime executive Gary Levine told the press. “We would revisit this unique character if we could find an approach worthy of the original series,” said Levine.

The series, which will be shot at the beginning of 2021, will meet with us in the autumn of the same year. Of course, it is currently unknown whether the Corona virus pandemic will cause delay. So what do you think about Dexter 9th season, what do you expect?

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