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Star Trek: Picard’s first trailer released


Star Trek: Picard’s first trailer was released. Star Trek: Star Trek: Picard will be showing at CBS towards the end of 2019. In the series, which was named after the famous captain of the Enterprise space ship Jean-Luc Picard, Patrick Stewart is again in the role of Picard.

Star Trek: Launched in 2017, the legendary science fiction series Star Trek returns to the series world after many years and CBS All Access is expanding its series in the Star Trek universe. Star Trek: Picard is at the beginning of the series that will meet the audience on the CBS All Access screens. As the name implies, the series is about Captain Picard, one of the most beloved characters in the universe of Star Trek.

CBS All Access, who started the demonstrations for the series where veteran actor Patrick Stewart will star as Picard in his seven seasons at Star Trek: The Next Generation, The first publicity trailer and poster from the highly anticipated series published.

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