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Netflix has another competitor: HBO Max

Netflix has another competitor: HBO Max

WarnerMedia’s digital broadcasting service is finally officially announced. HBO Max will host all of WarnerMedia’s content. The biggest trump card of the new service will be Friends.

WarnerMedia has officially announced the new digital broadcasting platform HBO Max. The service, which has been rumored for a while, has become official today. Directly competing with services like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus, HBO Max will be available in the US in the spring of 2020.

As you know, HBO already had a broadcast service called HBO Now. HBO Now has a $ 15 subscription fee; All famous content of the channel, such as Game of Thrones, Westworld or Chernobyl, is now available. The new broadcasting service HBO Max will have a larger library than HBO Now. WarnerMedia said that the HBO Max library will host all other WarnerMedia content along with the HBO channel. This includes Warner Bros. and DC.

HBO Max’s introductory video:


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