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HBO announces the release date of Watchmen


The Watchmen series that HBO has been working on for a long time is finally on the screen. According to the producer channel, the series will start on October 20th.

HBO announces the release date of Watchmen

Watchmen, one of the most anticipated series of this year, is preparing to meet with the audience very soon. The producer channel HBO finally made an official statement about the release date of the series. According to HBO, the premiere of the Watchmen series will be on October 20.

HBO, known for his long-time preparations for the post-Game of Thrones, pays great attention to the Watchmen series. Watchmen, with a renowned cast and production team, was able to impress audiences with their first trailer. You can watch the trailer shared in Comic-Con below.

Watchmen comics, published by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1986-1987, as you know, had previously been adapted by Zack Snyder. The new Watchmen series will be very different from both comics and Snyder’s adaptation. Producer Damon Lindelof said the series will be set in the same universe as Watchmen comics, but will tell different stories.

Damon Lindelof said in a statement last year; Watchmen series, “Old Testament”, which he described as the New Testament of the comic book series, he said. Lindelof says that some characters may be familiar in the series but mostly focus on new characters and new events.

Watchmen comics, which took place on an alternative date when superheroes were considered criminals, were highly praised and appreciated for their subject matter and narrative style. Watchmen, which was described as a revolution for the comic world of the time, was also awarded the Hugo Prize in 1989.

Watchmen on the cast of the series Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, Don Johnson, Yahwa Abdul-Mateen II, Tom Mison, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Andrew Howard, Frances Fisher, Hong Chau, Jacob Ming-Trent, Dylan Schombing, Sara Vickers and James Wolk.

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