George RR Martin makes big deal with HBO

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George RR Martin makes big deal with HBO

Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin has signed a five-year deal with the hit streaming platform HBO. The popular author began working on five different prequel series for the legendary Game of Thrones series.

George RR Martin has managed to bring the yet-to-be-completed A Song of Ice and Fire book series to a wide audience with the acclaimed HBO adaptation. The fifth book in the series, A Dance with Dragons, was published in July 2011, nearly three months after the first season of Game of Thrones aired. There was a six-year wait between the fourth book and this work. Then Martin went silent again. There’s still no sequel yet.

Now that HBO is developing new projects for Max, he has hinted that he won’t be releasing new books for a while. While fans are excited about the upcoming subsections, they’re pretty pessimistic about when a new book will be written. Because it is thought that the 72-year-old author will never have time for this again and therefore the Game of Thrones series will not end.

George RR Martin develops new Game of Thrones adaptations

Reports shared by THR showed that George RR Martin had signed a five-year deal with digital streaming service HBO Max. While it is already known that there will be a large number of Game of Thrones prequel series in a row; It is understood that the legendary author will work in these productions and Martin will play a concrete role in the projects.

The closest Game of Thrones adaptation known for now is House of Dragon, which will be based on 300 years before the main series. In this project, George RR Martin and his team of writers will focus on the House of Targaryen. Tales of Dunk & Egg, which has been in the works for some time, will be processed 90 years before the main series.

George RR Martin makes big deal with HBO 1

The three new Game of Thrones prequels, announced last week, are still in early development. Sea Snake (9 Voyages) will tell the story of Lord Corlys, leader of the Velarion Dynasty, and the greatest naval force in the Westeros universe. The Flea Bottom project will extend to the impoverished streets of the King’s Landings region. 10,000 Ships will bring the gripping story of Princess Nymeria to the audience.

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Preparations are underway for at least five different Game of Thrones adaptations. It is also known that the team is working on an animated series. George RR Martin is in charge of all these projects. However, if you are waiting for the sequel to the Game of Thrones book series; unfortunately, this work may never be completed. Because Martin’s axis seems to have shifted into the world of television.

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