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First trailer arrives from Netflix’s World War II animation the Liberator


Netflix had begun work on a new World War II series ahead of Veterans Day in the US. A short promotional video came from this series called The Liberator.

Veterans Day will be celebrated in the USA on November 11, 2020. Netflix is also preparing an animated series called The Liberator for this day, which is a public holiday in many states in the USA, which has a significant number of veterans due to its frequent party to war.

The Liberator stands out as a short series set in World War II. We will be able to see the battle clearly in this series, which is an adaptation of Alex Kershaw’s The Liberator. When we look at the full title of the book, it is possible to say that the trailer is compatible.

World War II animation from Netflix

World War II animation from Netflix

The phrase A World War II Soldier 500-Day Journey from the Sicilian Coast to the Dachau Gates, which goes through the book’s full title, makes it clear what we should expect from the book – and hence the animated series. The trailer actually focuses on being a soldier and the change in war conditions.

Although the author, who is an Oxford graduate, is not well known in our country, he sells his books a lot, especially in the USA and Europe. The author, who is also a journalist, focused on an Arizon soldier named Felix Sparks in this work. Real details were used in the book, which can be read by anyone interested in the history of the period. Sparks was a real soldier and the story was based on his narratives.

The giant story told through one person

Although we don’t know the details of the Netflix series yet, in the book, Kershaw generally told the war through the story of a single man. While telling the Sparks story, we were seeing the details as we remembered new details and as his journey proceeded chronologically. It is currently unclear whether we will see this narration in the series.

Netflix’s new series will be released on November 11. It is a matter of curiosity how much interest the production, which uses a realistic animation technique, will attract. Let’s see if the success of the books will also be reflected in animation.

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