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Biden Will Make Positive Contributions to the American Economy

Biden Will Make Positive Contributions to the American Economy

Joe Biden, elected as the 46th President of the USA, won the election with the promise of expanding affordable access to health services and education, increasing support for low-income employees, and implementing comprehensive policies that will develop clean energy sectors that will generate millions of new jobs. According to Can Erbil, Professor of Economics at Boston College, Biden’s steps in this direction will have a positive impact on the American economy.

Professor Can Erbil, who said that one of Biden’s policies would primarily be directed towards America’s infrastructure, said, “If the Biden-Harris government can implement this immediately, it will really be a very important plus point in the American economy, both the revival of the economy and the balances in the economy. one more piece in terms of finding himself. Second important policy; in the form of payment, postponement or complete pardon of student debts. This is a good economic policy that can be enjoyed by young voters, a policy that will be brought back to the economy again. In addition to these, I expect great breakthroughs from the Biden-Harris government in policies related to the environment and climate change that concern the whole world. Their rhetoric also says that they will re-engage in international agreements abandoned by the previous government. Even on the first day they took office. This would be a very positive development, ”he said.

Biden management of Arbil, saying that inequality in income distribution also one of the outstanding issues, “one of America’s greatest problems of income distribution disorder. At the same time, the opportunity distribution, as well as the distribution of wealth and the distribution of wealth are really huge in America right now. It is also said that the Biden-Harris government is working on some economic policies that can be a solution to these and plans to implement these policies. These will be very correct and very positive steps. “Especially in America, the efforts and steps to be taken in this regard are very important for America, to reduce the inequality between generations, to reduce the inequality between generations,” he said.

Stating that more than 50 percent of the children born in the United States will continue to live with less income than their parents, Professor Erbil believes that the Biden-Harris government can take positive steps in this regard.

Stating that America needs to invest more in environmental and recycling-oriented sectors in order to continue the competition, Professor Erbil underlines that these areas should be more automation, technology and innovation-oriented sectors. Erbil believes that America has the infrastructure that will make a breakthrough in these sectors and has very well educated students who will make a breakthrough in these sectors, and expresses his opinions on this issue with the following words: “The Biden-Harris government especially students who want to come to America, want to study in America and For people all over the world who want to contribute to the American economy as well, they have statements that it will reopen the doors that the previous government closed. I think these will be very positive both for America and the whole world. “

Thinking that the course of the economy will change with the introduction of the Corona virus vaccine, which the whole world is eagerly waiting for, Professor Erbil said, “I think that the Covid vaccines we have heard in the last few days will contribute to both the American government and the economy all over the world. Especially if these vaccines can be implemented quickly, I expect a serious leap forward in the American government, in the American economy in the next 3 months. In fact, this breakthrough could become a much more grounded and more solid growth after about a year, ”he said.

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