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Twitter revealed the best of K-Pop! Here are the best

Twitter revealed the best of K-Pop! Here are the best

The K-Pop style, which has millions of listeners around the world, also finds a place in social media. So much so that 6.1 billion tweets about K-Pop were posted on Twitter in the last 12 months. Twitter, one of the social media giants, announced the most mentioned K-pop artists, the most mentioned songs and the fastest rising artists in 20 markets worldwide, with the hashtag #KpopTwitter. BTS became the most talked about K-Pop group in every market.

The best of K-Pop on social media revealed

When we look at the last 10 years, Twitter and K-Pop almost grew together, we wouldn’t be wrong. #KpopTwitter has become one of the biggest global conversation topics on Twitter today. Despite the Covid epidemic that swept the world, K-pop never slowed down on Twitter, on the contrary, it increased.

6.1 billion Tweets about K-Pop have been posted worldwide in the last 12 months. To celebrate 10 years of success with the hashtag #KpopTwitter, Twitter partnered with K-Pop Radar to publish K-Pop data in 20 markets to show how the K-Pop community is connected.

BTS is spoken the most

While BTS was the most mentioned K-Pop artist in every market (except Thailand, where GOT7 tops the leaderboards), the rest of the 10 most mentioned K-Pop artists differed by market.

According to data published in the joint research of Twitter and K-Pop Radar, the most mentioned K-Pop artists on Twitter (based on total tweets posted), the most mentioned K-Pop songs (by total tweets), and the fastest rising K-Pop artists also determined. Here is the order:

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