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Apple Music is growing fast!

Apple Music is growing fast!

Apple Music and Spotify began to close. Spotify is already the market leader in music applications. But recently, Apple Music seems to be gaining momentum much faster than Spotify. It is especially noticeable that the number of Apple Music subscribers increased for the last time.

Can Apple Music subscriber count catch up with Spotify?

Spotify, especially in the pandemic process, experienced difficulties from many competitors. Despite the fact that he is the largest player in the music application market, Apple Music began to block its own Spotify service.

Judging by the figures, the gap between Spotify’s market share and Apple Music began to close. In the last quarter, Spotify came out with a growth figure of 6 percent. Apple Music, its biggest competitor, grew by 10 percent.

The difference is about 4%, but the giant difference between the two platforms is not yet melted. However, experts believe that the figures indicate that the Apple Music platform has become preferable for iPhone users. This was due to the fact that Apple users began to trust iOS-based applications more. Moreover, users iOS spend more than Android users.

However, Spotify still has a great advantage over Apple Music. At the moment, Spotify is on top with 138 million paid subscribers. The number of paid Apple Music subscribers is at its peak of up to 82 million.

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