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Apple Music design appeared, similar to Spotify

Apple Music design appeared, similar to Spotify

As the Golden Master release date approached, a web version similar to the Music design in the beta version appeared for the new Apple iOS 14 operating system. With the help of the new design of Apple Music, which can rest only through iTunes in a computer environment, beta access was opened.

Apple Music Web Beta, developed from the iOS 14 design center. In addition to this feature, the web version, similar to the music application on iOS 14, creates a list of the most performed songs according to your author’s lists and constantly offers new offers.

The web version of Apple Music was opened for beta access in September 2019 and was released from beta in April 2020. This is very useful for a web version that eliminates the need to use iTunes and is available from each device.

However, the web version does not have such skills as listening to music available for iPhone and iPad. It is expected that the new Apple Music Beta experience will be completed when the full versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur are released. The beta site is available at, and the standard site is available at

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