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A Man Arrested For Selling Stolen Netflix, Spotify Accounts


For selling stollen subscription of famous subscription services’ accounts, Netflix and Spotify an Australian man has been arrested in Australia. He made approx 300,000 Australian dollars profit for selling these.

The CNET reported on Wednesday that

The man was allegedly behind the website, which boasted to have 120,000 users and sold Netflix, Spotify and Hulu logins stolen from almost one million accounts

A 21 years old IT man Evan Leslie McMahon made money for selling stolen subscription accounts details from streaming services.

Multiple cybercrime offences have been charged on him and appeared in front of the court, the website he was selling accounts over, shut down later.

The Australian Federal Police said in a statement that

The account details were obtained through credential stuffing, which sees a list of previously stolen or leaked usernames, email addresses and corresponding passwords re-used and sold for unauthorised access.

Moreover, the report added that sharing streaming services accounts is common, almost one-third of the streaming services users say that they will quit using Netflix if it tried to stop password sharing, while the accounts stealing is a different matter.



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