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Wonder Woman 3 officially announced


Just two days after the release of Wonder Woman 1984, the movie Wonder Woman 3 was officially announced. No information has been given about the release date and subject of the new movie.

Wonder Woman 3 officially announced

Warner Bros made a surprise statement today and officially announced the start of work for the Wonder Woman 3 movie. According to the statement, which came only two days after the release date of Wonder Woman 1984, the new movie will again star Gal Gadot. It was announced that Patty Jenkins would be back in the director’s chair.

Warner Bros official Andy Forsell said, “Wonder Woman 1984 opened records and exceeded our expectations for subscribers and views on HBO Max. The interest and momentum we see indicates that the film will perform well beyond this weekend.” used the expressions.

According to Warner Bros’ statements, Wonder Woman 1984 managed to exceed expectations both at the box office and on HBO Max. The movie grossed $ 16.7 million in the US at the weekend, performing not badly compared to the pandemic period. Worldwide, total revenue has now reached $ 85 million.

We cannot say that Wonder Woman 1984 was very successful critically. It currently has a 5.9 point average on IMDb. In Metacritic, the average of the critics is 59 and the average of the user votes is 4.5. The movie was not very popular overall, but Warner Bros still seems to be content with the HBO Max and the performance at the box office.

There is currently no information on the plot or vision date of Wonder Woman 3.

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