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Warner Bros marks 2023 for cinemas

Warner Bros marks 2023 for cinemas

Warner Bros, which passed 2020 empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, marked 2023 for the release date of the films. Here are the details.

2020 has been a very empty year for the cinema industry. The only reason for this situation is the coronavirus pandemic. One of the measures taken within the framework of the pandemic was the closure of public places. At the top of these places were movie theaters.

The fact that movie theaters started to close one by one caused many producers to back down. The filmmakers postponed the release dates of the films one by one.

As steps towards normalization were taken with the summer months, some producers announced that the films could be released in September or October. But when the second wave occurred in the coronavirus, this was also a dream.

Warner Bros films release date announced

WB, one of the important names in the sector, continued to shoot movies during this period, but did not show an active appearance on the vision side.

In the statement made by Warner Bros, it was stated that the films that have already been shot or are about to be completed will be released in 2023 at the earliest.

In fact, the general belief is that the epidemic will decrease and end in 2021. But there is always a reason WB chose 2023. Probably, even if the epidemic ends in 2021, people will not want to enter closed halls psychologically for a while. At least that’s our opinion.

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