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Warner Bros. determine the fate of films with artificial intelligence

Warner Bros. determine the fate of films with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is finding its place in more and more sectors today. The film industry could not remain indifferent to this transformation affecting the whole world. One of the world’s largest film studios, Warner Bros. Pictures will benefit from the artificially intelligent project management system developed by Cinelytic to confirm the film’s release.

This system will not make the final decision on the release of a film. However, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, the film’s potential box office revenue can be better calculated, the impact of star actors better measured, and the right vision date selected for the films.

The final decision will again be made by studio managers. However, artificial intelligence can be used to determine whether a film will be a box office record or calendar filling content.

Warner Bros. may not find many supporters for now

In a statement made by Cinelytic; the system ‘s top executives can take their time, low – value and will save from repeated repeated missions said.

At this stage, the impact of artificial intelligence on the decision making processes of the cinema industry is not expected to go beyond that. Arrogance and established beliefs seem to prevent studios from relying on artificial intelligence in their script and production processes for now.

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